. (miss_almost) wrote in vaginapagina,

Antibiotics & probiotics

I have an awful sinus infection. today i went to the doctor and she prescribed me some nasal spray and a z-pak of antibiotics - Azithromycin tablets six 250 mg tablets. (its a 5 day course)

i told her i always without fail get a yeast infection when i take antibiotics, so she prescribed me a dose of Fluconazole - one 150 mg tablet, with one refill should i need it.

She also suggested I buy some probiotics (i bought acidophilus) and instructed me to take the probiotic WITH the antibiotics. so i asked her, "i take them both at the same time?" and she said yes.

so, two questions:

1. i was under the impression that you do NOT take the anti and the pro biotics at the same time as theyd counter each other. so, do i take them as the doctor suggested, or should i spread them out, take the antibiotic in the morning and the probiotic in the evenings?

2. should i take the fluconazole today? or should i wait till i start having symptoms of a yeast infection?
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