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Can HPV cause a yellow discharge and minor, intermittent itchiness?

Some background. In July of 2011 my discharge changed from my normal clear to a light yellow, and I started having intermittent itchiness in varying degrees of annoying. In August 0f 2011, my GYN did an STI test, which came back negative. My pap smear, however, came back abnormal. He decided to wait six months to do another pap smear. When the yellow/itchy continued, I got a second opinion. The second opinion tested me again for STI's, which again came back negative. My pap smear came back abnormal again. He wanted to do a biopsy, but life got away from me...

In May of 2012 I went to a third GYN. He tested me for STI's a third time, all came back negative. My pap smear came back abnormal again. It was at this time my GYN told me I was positive for HPV. I went in for the biopsy, those results came back as CIN II. I was recommended for Cryotherapy, which was completed in June of 2012.

Fast forward to now. I still have the same yellow discharge, and the same minor, intermittent itchiness. I have had one sexual partner during this entire time (my husband), who has also had one sexual partner (me). I am 25 weeks pregnant, so my GYN has decided to wait until my postpartum checkup to do another pap smear to see if the cryotherapy worked.

What I have been told is that the yellow discharge/itchiness is my new normal, and is due to my age (I am 30). It just does not seem normal to have a yellow discharge, and I never did before July of 2011. It got me thinking, can HPV cause this? My GYN has tested me for yeast infections/BV several times since June, and they always come back in a normal range. Any ideas?

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