eva_dream_seer (eva_dream_seer) wrote in vaginapagina,

Aunt Flow, where did you go?

Hello everyone! 

I am a long time lurker, but first time poster. My husband and I are trying for our second baby. When we were trying for our first daughter, I had been on BC for ten years (Depo for 4 and then the Pill) and when I stopped March 5th after my pack ended, we were pregnant by May. In April I had a period that was a bit heavier but was around the time my withdrawal bleed would occur. 

However, this time has been a bit different. My period started on Christmas Eve which was a week early from the blank pills and ended 5 days later. After I finished the pack, we started to try for a baby. So far I have not had my period this month and had a negative pregnancy test. I have heard that there are times after you stop taking your pill that this can happen but I do not know anyone this has happened too. Does this mean my ovulation is messed up as well? I do not chart but I have been using testing strips. Should I expect my period to come back in February or can it be gone for a while?

Thank you everyone in advance! 

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