estrellafugaz85 (estrellafugaz85) wrote in vaginapagina,

Got rid of HPV - what now?

Hi everyone,

I went for my regular colposcopy in November and just received the great news that I'm no longer positive for HPV and that my biopsy and pap were normal. Obviously I'm really happy about this, having had persistent HPV for the last 5+ years, but do I still need to worry about my partner having it and passing it back, or am I 'immune' to that strain now? I have had only this one sexual partner for the last 5 years and we're a monogamous couple.

We're also planning to ditch condoms, as I've figured out that I'm sensitive to latex and that feeling itchy and sore after sex isn't normal. We've only had unprotected sex once - ever. I have two concerns about this - number one, the HPV thing. I'm paranoid that somehow I'll get the HPV back from him. I know this is probably silly as condoms don't really prevent it anyway and using condoms for the last 5 years didn't make it go away, but it's there in my head. The second thing is unplanned pregnancy. I'm on Cerazette, which I take at the same time every day, but what concerns me is that I suffer from IBS and quite often have loose stools/full-on diarrhea. I'm worried that the pill may not be absorbed properly. I asked my GP about this and she didn't seem too concerned and told me to use condoms if my bowels were particularly bad and I was worried, but I'm concerned about AFTER the fact. Like, if I have sex in the morning, take my pill and then get diarrhea later that day. I REALLY want to have unprotected sex, as condoms are so uncomfortable for me, but I'm also not really in a position to have a baby right now, so not sure what to do. Alternative methods of contraception such as the implant, coil and injection aren't suitable for me, so I'm pretty much stuck with the mini-pill and condoms.

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