heatherjividen (heatherjividen) wrote in vaginapagina,

Advice for someone who is dealing with a possible miscarriage?

So.. I had a chiropractic appointment Thursday, hadn't bled once since waking up until after my visit to the doc came home and bled like a stuck hog went to Wal-Mart grabbed a pee test did my business and wow I was shocked it said bingo! Ended up going to the hospital had to do blood work and a pee test was supposed to had a ultrasound but they said it was too early to do any good had to get a shot in case the baby or was baby isn't the same blood type as I am A negative with RH factor.. anyways I'm just wondering how the experience is going to play out I'm scared but anxious was told to expect the worst just in case but its hard to since we've worked for almost a year for this little being. For anyone who has or is in the same boat as me got any advice or ideals on how to cope with this kind of situation?
All from a car accident this has put different things in my life on hold the biggest part is feeling close to my soon to be husband, he still holds me but steers away from having sex with me I'm okay with not doing it just makes me feel a little less important to him cause he preached about how much closer being tangled together made us... he doesn't even act like this effects him if anything pisses him off :/

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