Marisa (marzie) wrote in vaginapagina,

Let's Talk About Sex (Yes please!) and Spotting

I have a problem, VP, and I was hoping you folks can shed some light on this issue!

I've been spotting for the last two weeks. I just started taking Alysena (which is a generic name for Alesse) this month, and I've never experience spotting with any other BC I've been on so this is beyond irritating. The spotting started out brown last week around the 14th, and as the week progressed it became bright red and like a normal period. Now it's more dry and brown, which is strange because why would I be expelling older blood if I had bright red blood a week before?

This pill is awful and I hate it. Last week I had sex only because I wore a tampon beforehand so when I took it out I had some time before it decided to ruin my day. Now that it's drier, I'm hoping this means I can have sex with ease. I hope.

What have been your experiences with taking this pill?
What tips do you have for spotting sex in circumstances where I don't have a bathroom readily available? I can do the tampon trick at home, but out and about it's trickier.

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