whiterabit (whiterabit) wrote in vaginapagina,

Yi? BV?

Hi Vper's.

I have a question. I felt some irritation at the entrance of my vagina Friday night, I rubbed some tea tree oil on it and it helped some but didn't kick it. I inserted acidophilus on Saturday and Sunday and it didn't seem to help. Yesterday I acquired some ACV and began douching with it something that in the past has helped me greatly. I can't tell if its helping at all (even though its only been ONE day I know..)

I can't tell if its a YI. When I inserted a finger on Friday I found some white bits which seemed consistent with a YI, I haven't had any other BV symptoms other than itchiness I can't tell.

So in short, is this a YI or BV? Also, how long until ACV works its magic??

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