shark_o_saurus (shark_o_saurus) wrote in vaginapagina,

Would you take Plan B in my situation?

Hello, superstars!

Things to note:
I'm on a generic of Yaz (24/4 pack), and I stack my pills for about six months at a time. 
I had sex yesterday afternoon and Sunday morning using no condoms/alternative birth control. Plan B would be 60 or so hours after sex for Sunday and 24-28 hours for yesterday.
I am currently on the 3rd day of Week 3 in this pack.
My last withdrawal bleed was immediately before I began this pack.
I believe I've missed two pills this month in the early part of the month. I cannot recall if I missed two pills in a row and took three at a time or if I missed a pill, took two the next day, and did the same thing a few days later. I'm usually very good at taking my pills, but I'm always much worse in the weeks immediately following a withdrawal bleed. (Lesson learned - I'll start taking the placebo pills during my next withdrawal bleed to keep me on track.)
My partner and I have not had/tried to have kids previously, and we know nothing about our fertility.
I can get Plan B, but $50 is more than I'd like to spend and that's what it costs around here.
I will get an abortion if I do get pregnant, which will be more expensive than the $50. 
I'm currently experiencing white, milky, slightly gooey discharge. Based on the yeast smell, my guess is it's a YI from tampons and pantyliner from the above-mentioned withdrawal bleed. I don't pay much attention to my discharge since I'm on HBC, so I have no idea what my normal ovulation discharge is.

So, would you take Plan B? Why or why not? How "protected" is my current level of compromised protection? Note: Taking Plan B now because you are morally/spiritually/ethically opposed to abortion is NOT what I'm asking. 

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