Jen (fujieyes) wrote in vaginapagina,

Continuous Nuvaring use on a 4/0 schedule?

Hi ladies, I could use some advice, or I guess confirmation of my assumption, about NuvaRing.  I've just switched from Mirena, which worked beautifully for almost 5 years (including near-complete amenorrhea), because the IUD strings were painful for my husband.  I'm interested in minimizing the number of periods I have each year.  When I had been on homonal contraceptives in the past, my breakthrough bleeding was so bad that I ended up having 2 full one-week-long periods a month.  I would like to eliminate the ring-free week in order to avoid a withdrawal bleed, so that if I get a "period" at all each month, it will only be because of breakthrough bleeding.

I know that a 4 weeks in / 1 week out schedule is perfectly acceptable with Nuvaring.  I'm interested in doing 4 weeks in / no time out, immediately putting in a new ring after 4 weeks.  I can't do 3 weeks in / zero out because my insurance company will not let me refill the prescription early enough.  But in theory, 4 in / 0 out should be equivalent to 3 in / 1 out except without the withdrawal bleed, right?

I did a search and found some controversy in an old post regarding 5 in / none out, with most people saying that was fine.  So 4 in / none out should be ok.  If anyone can confirm or deny, please chime in!

Also, if I do 12 continuous weeks, should I leave a ring-free week for a withdrawal bleed 4 times a year, or just continue putting in new rings continuously?

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: Well, sadly, this didn't work for me.  I tried it for about 9 months (3 rings = 12 weeks continuously followed by one ring-free week, then repeat), was OK in the first few months, but then started to have a very upsetting amount of breakthrough bleeding.  My breakthrough bleeding lasted 10 days toward the end, even longer than my normal period.  I just can't tolerate that, so I switched from NuvaRing to the pill, then stopped that because of other intolerable side effects.  I want my Mirena back! :(

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