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Sorry if I use any incorrect terms here, it's been a while and I'm in need of some advice.

Basically, I was a bit stupid and didn't think: one night last week I received oral sex from a partner who has tonsillitis. Neither of us really thought of it (yes, big mistake, won't again) and now I have strange discharge - there can be a slight odour sometimes but the main noticable change is the discharge which sometimes can either be excessive, thicker or have (excuse the tmi) bogey like things in it.

The only slight complicating factor is that my partner has suspected glandular fever if this makes a difference, although we're almost 100% that its tonsillitis and it's responded to treatment and he's all better now.

Basically, what is this likely to be - I know that while some germs are fine in some body areas they're very very not good for others, so advice is appreciated. I'm thinking of just sucking up my nerves and making an appointment at the local health centre but I'm so incredibly nervous about undergoing an examination, I also suffer from quite severe anxiety.

Any help to do with what it may be or what to expect from a visit to the nurse will be HUGELY appreciated.

Many thanks :)

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