calyxia (calyxia) wrote in vaginapagina,

Mood swings / no period

Hi all. So I have had my (wonderful!) mirena since September 2009, and haven't had a period since. (Came to it off of nuvaring.) I have noticed in the past six months or so that in the middle of the month (between the 15th and 20th) I get REALLY cranky and pissy and generally unpleasant. I really don't recall ever having this before, but I'm 32 and have been on b.c. of some kind since I was 17. (Pill, patch, shot, ring and now IUD.) so I'm wondering if now I'm actually ovulating or some such and that's what is happening. It's my assumption at least-- unless it's that this is the time of the month I would be actually bleeding. So any thoughts or input would be appreciated, or if anyone has had a similar experience. Thanks all.

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