Baby Bing Bing Bong (naketano) wrote in vaginapagina,
Baby Bing Bing Bong

Hello :)

It's me again with another quick and probably stupid question. 

So I had my first ever annual gyno exam today. I've been once before for a pretty gnarly yeast infection, but never for the annual where they do the pap smear, etc. Basically my question is can your hymen break from the insertion and opening of the speculum? (I'm a virgin btw) I've had one used on me a few months ago when i went for that yeast infection, but it didnt hurt nearly a much as today. And when I saw after it had a decent amount of blood on it. I've head spotting can happen from a pap smear, but that didn't hurt at all. I didn't even feel that. But my vagina felt like it was being stretched a foot wide. Obviously it wasn't but it rly hurt. ;-; . And i don't think a pap could produce the amount of blood that I saw. The NP didn't say or mention anything about it so maybe it's just common? idk anything about these things.

Also, I'm kind of prone to yeast infections. This exam proved yet again I have a yeast infection and I was prescribed diflucan. (srsly i should take it like a daily vitamin at this point. lol jk...) 

What can I do to prevent yeast infections? Are there certain foods I should eat to promote a healthy bacterial growth? Anything I should take? idk they are just getting annoying and I really don't wanna have to put creams and shit up there. :/

Thanks in advance.


just wanted to add that i told the nurse who took my blood pressure that i was a virgin, but i didnt mention it to the actual NP who examined me cuz i thought it was like on record or something. but the first time i went a few months ago, I also told the NP i was a virgin. idk if this makes a difference in the size of the speculum they use or w/e. 


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