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Spiky BBT temperatures

I asked this over in fam but I've only gotten response, and that was "wait until your period comes and then try to figure out what was going on," which I can do, but I'm sort of really curious to understand what might be happening now.

I know not all vagpaggers are familiar with FAM, but for those of you that are, do you think you could lend a hand? My chart this month looks like a mountain range. I thought at first I was having a slow rise after ovulating this month (which has literally never happened to me in the history of my charting), but this morning my temperature was a little lower than my previous spike upwards from two days ago (and I don't know if that can happen during a slow rise in temperature -- the internet is actually very useless on getting me information for this, and I don't have access to a copy of TCOYF at the moment).

Here's a link to my chart.

I know that having been tracking my CM and cervix would be helpful to me now, but usually I have a very clear and dramatic thermal shift and have no trouble telling when I've ovulated, and since I'm only using it to avoid, I just wait five days after ovulation to put myself in the clear when it comes to condomless sex. So yeah. Sorry all there is are my temperatures to go by.

I have a few theories myself of what could be happening, and I'm just wondering if any of them are more likely than the others, or if there's something else I haven't thought of:

1. I'm having a very delayed ovulation this month.
2. I have already ovulated and my temperature is just rising very slowly.
3. My temperatures are weird because I was sick a month ago and have a lingering cough that may possibly be interfering with my sleep/I may be getting sick again.
4. HBC has ruined my ovaries forever and they just do whatever the heck they want.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help. :)
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