victory vampire (baxaronn) wrote in vaginapagina,
victory vampire

Does this sound like it shouldn't wait until Monday?

I've been bleeding pretty heavily for about three weeks now - something that's happened to me before, so I've been just trying to deal with it. It's started to affect me pretty badly, though, so I was planning to see a doctor on Monday.

Last night something that definitely was not a clot fell into my pad. It was semi-solid and seemed fleshy, which is... concerning. And it smells like something crawled up my vagina and died, a kind of rotten garbage smell. I've also had awful cramps when they're usually very mild to nonexistent.

I noticed the smell right after a shower (so I was squeaky-clean, and it wasn't coming from my clothes or my pad), and I checked to make sure I didn't leave a tampon or anything inside.

At this point I'm worried that there might be something in my uterus that really shouldn't be there, but how likely is that? There's absolutely no chance that I am or was pregnant unless sperm can hang around for eight years, which wasn't possible last time I looked.

Does this sound like something that really needs looked at before Monday? Last time I went to the ER for the bleeding (not this cycle, but a few months back) I was told there was nothing they could do, but the fleshy thing really freaked me out.
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