teenagehate2 (teenagehate2) wrote in vaginapagina,

is it possible to have your first period if pregnant?

I hate to post a "am I pregnant" post, but I was really curious about something and found mixed info online. So, last month I kind of screwed up. I missed a pill two weeks into my pack. I realized this the following day and took 2 pills. Five days later, we had sex. However, my period came a week after we had sex on its normal day. It was a little lighter than usual, but still a period. I'm almost through this months pack, and I've had the sorest boobs for the past two weeks. So annoying. I've also gained 10 lbs out of nowhere! I've been 130 for years and suddenly I am 140?! I am also peeing a lot. I think last night I got up like 8 times to pee. Other than that, I have not felt sick or had any cramps at all. Can weight can cause your boobs to hurt? Has anyone ever had their first period while pregnant? Pretty sure I am not pregnant, but I am curious if anyone has been through anything similar.


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