Chii (faithful_summer) wrote in vaginapagina,

Implanon experiences

I already checked the tagged posts, but they didn't really answer my questions. I'd like some feedback from people who have/have had an Implanon implant.
1) Do you still have periods? If not, how long did it take them to stop?
2) What, if any, side effects did you have?
3) For overweight people-- Did your weight factor in in any way in getting your doctor to agree to the Implanon?

General question for anyone who can answer it: Is bone density loss a concern with Implanon like it is with Depo?

In short, I'm getting fed up with my birth control pill (Amethyst- generic for Lybrel) and constant spotting issues and am only willing to consider methods that eliminate periods. Stacking a different pill would not be ideal due to the timing restraints on when my insurance would pay for a new pack (they will not pay for a refill at the 3 week mark, which is when I'd need a new pack if I wanted to stack). I used to be on Depo and wish I still was, but my doctor wanted me off it due to family history of Osteoporosis. Also, FWIW, I am overweight. I'm not sure if that matters more with BC pills or Implanon or if they're equal.

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