ebizzywizzy (ebizzywizzy) wrote in vaginapagina,

Help with really bad yeast infection/blister!!!!

I am going to a doctor when I get my school money. I went to the hospital because my yeast infection was so bad and they told me that I was right, that it was a yeast infection!!! So they prescribed me diflucan. Mind you, before I went to the doctor I had used monistat 3 and monistat 7. I also tried the garlic and ACV! So when I got back from the hospital, which was awful for all you ladies that have ha an intervaginal sonogram... Try one while you have a yeast infection and then a Pap smear in front of emergency medical staff... Not fun. So yeah. I get home and take the diflucan. It did absolutely nothing for me. I did another 7 round treatment of monistat and another 3... I felt a little better but after the days were up it went right back. If I take azo yeast the itching is horrible... But some redness is gone. I have now developed yeast spots on my scalp and oral thrush along with a blister on my labia majora. I don't know what to do but I can't afford a doctor and another 1k dollar visit to the ER is definitely not in my budget. Please help. I am desperate. Also I have tried yogurt and garlic. Also tea tree oil. None is successful.

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