Kinokai (kinokai) wrote in vaginapagina,

Swollen clit.. stuck in underwear..

Hi everyone,
I was fooling around with my boyfriend today, and I came home and felt a bit of a twinge of pain in my clitoral area, which happens every once in a while.
But when I went to the bathroom.. I checked and my clitoris was incredibly swollen, and it somehow managed to get swollen through the holes of my underwear which is lacey. I'm not sure if that explains it well/makes sense, but basically my clit is swollen and stuck in the holes of lace.
I'm not sure what to do...
I tried to pull it out slowly but it hurts just to touch, pulling it out is even worse.
I've thought of like trying to cut up my underwear or something, but I really don't trust myself with sharp objects so close to my clit. -_-
I'm fairly concerned, any help/advice would be greatly appreciated..

With everyone's advice I was able to fix the issue, thank you! :D

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