Stef (morningapproach) wrote in vaginapagina,

herbs for promoting menstrual regulation & question about lube

Since I went off the pill in September I had one period immediately after, one about 5 weeks later near the end of october, and now I had one that started last weds and ended yesterday night, but which I think was "prompted" by my taking the morning after pill on the 31st. I posted about this before, so I know that it will take some time to regulate, but I am hoping that I can "help" it along. I have found some herbs that I believe can help, but I am hoping that perhaps someone here has made their own capsules of herbs or teas and can recommend a combination that has helped them. 

Over the summer while I was on the BCP (Yasmin), my BF and I were having sex sans-condom. I got a yeast infection which we were fairly certain was from the lube we were using, and we started using coconut oil.  Now, we discovered after an unfortunate mishap over christmas (see above :p) that the oil isn't compatable with condoms. Duh, we should have realized that. Now I am on the lookout for a GOOD lube that is both vagina friendly and condom friendly.  We were using Wet Synergy + Cool Tingle lube, but we think that is the one that caused the initial yeast infection.  Can anyone recommend a good, latex condom & vagina-friendly lube for us to try?


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