danikabananika (danikabananika) wrote in vaginapagina,

Sore cervix 2 weeks after sex incident & Cold/Frozen condoms?

Hi everyone, it's been awhile since I've been here but let me start off by thanking you all for your answers for a post I had made way back in the day about cervix pain after/during sex if it's been hit. It happened to me on NYE (so badly that I puked; and it was definitely not from alcohol) and if I hadn't known what it was, I would have panicked. It sucked but I took comfort in knowing I wasn't dying lol, so thank you very much!

However, nearly 2 weeks after the cervix-hitting incident, it still hurts to pee- not a lot, but enough to notice that it's there. It also still hurts to have sex; any deep penetration is extremely uncomfortable. I have experienced this cervix pain before, but it's never lasted this longer (granted, it wasn't "hit" as hard the previous times). For any of you who have experienced this, how long did it last for you?

My second question is regarding very cold/frozen condoms. I basically live in a frozen tundra and I stupidly left 2 brand new boxes of condoms in my car for about 40 minutes in -25 degrees Celsius weather. I used 2 of the condoms this evening with my boyfriend. Neither of them ripped, but I am concerned about the integrity of the latex and possible "cracks" or otherwise. As far as I have read, it basically just makes the condom more prone to breaking. I am debating taking Plan B just in case, but the pill really messes up my body (bleeding that is so heavy I can't even leave my house). A super bloody period is better than the alternative, but if I have nothing to worry I would rather not.

tl;dr How long does "cervix-hitting" pain due to sex last? Are very cold/frozen condoms safe to use?

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