shad0wboxerbaby (shad0wboxerbaby) wrote in vaginapagina,

non stop period

Hey everyone! Lurked this awesome community for a while and love it!

Have my own question though - I got my period about 10 days ago, after only getting it about once every 18 months for the past 4 years (due to an eating disorder). Only problem is, is that it still hasnt stopped and just seems to be getting heavier :(

It's probably what I would consider a 'normal/medium' flow right now, but is getting really frustrating because I feel terrible and just want it to be over!I have had a box of (monophasic) HBC in my drawer from a couple of weeks ago which I have been meaning to start (for the first time ever), and asked my pharmacist about 2 days ago about what would happen if I started the active pills now - she (and my doctor) said it should help my period come to a stop. So I've taken one yesterday and today, at the same time of course, but it still hasnt helped it stop. It seemed to almost stop last night/today for about 15 hours but then started again.

Any advice/help/comments on my situation and what I can do to get it to stop would be much appreciated :) Were my doctor and pharmacist right about the BC helping it come to an end? Thank you lovely people!
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