marukyuu (marukyuu) wrote in vaginapagina,

New (ish) BC, with a weird period.

Hey guys!

Im really nervous. I started a new (ish?) BC this month - Usually im on Alesse 28, but now im on 21. No difference, which is why i say ish.

My period this month has been..weird. I just went through a semi-stressful move on the last day of my pills. Usually, if my last pill is a saturday, my period comes monday or tuesday. I had nothing but a light, dark brown discharge (nothing a pantyliner couldnt take care of). Wednesday I woke up with cramps and a light-medium flow; but it has only been brown blood the entire time, with some red blood thrown but not much at all.

My periods are usually medium flow, and last 3ish days. This one lastest 1 and a half, was a light flow, and only dark brown blood with a bit of red.

The only reason im REALLY worried and in full on freak out mode is because my boyfriend was visiting for the first time in months, and the condom did break. We noticed before he finished, but were still going at it for quite some time with it ripped. I'm just in semi freak out mode, considering not even google is giving my a straight answer.
Thanks so much!

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