dkwgdk (dkwgdk) wrote in vaginapagina,

Can I Make My Period Shorter?

tl;dr -- My period is seven to nine days long and I want it to be over faster. Help.

Hi all -- So I read about both delaying and inducing periods, but this question is about just making mine shorter. I have a Mirena and while it's really helped lighten my flow, it's also kind of stretched it out so that I bleed for three days or so, stop for about 24 hours, and then bleed again for five days or so. The last three days are always just...barely...a...trickle but enough that I need to wear a pad.

I've tried the 3x3x3 ibuprofen treatment but it does nothing other than give me a stomachache from all that ibuprofen. I've tried masturbating to hurry things along -- that makes me bleed more heavily but not for any shorter period of time. Also, it makes my cramps worse and just...ow. I've tried drinking wine (a friend's suggestion which she insists all of the women in her family use), and I exercise intensely five to six days a week.

I tested negative for STDs in June and my doctor says that this is not 'abnormal' because I have a Mirena and that can cause "unusual bleeding patterns." I've had it for almost two years and, again, I'm psyched about the lighter, less painful periods...just not about how long they are.

This is an issue now because I have a new manfriend and I'd like us to have sexytimes again very soon.  Given how much period sex makes my uterus hurt, though, I don't want to do it until the blood is gone! Thanks!!
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