Lauren (irishjewel413) wrote in vaginapagina,

Does it matter when you start the pill?

Well I got my orthotrycyclin lo pills. I also made an appt with a gynecologist to talk about the IUD. My doctor said it should be covered, just to double check. I figure Ill start the pills in the meantime until I can find out if I can get the IUD. I really don't know what IUD I would try but I always hear about Mirena.

Anyway I have a question. So I know you can either do a Sunday start or a day 1 of your period start. I don't remember what my doctor told me to start as, but I think I'd rather do day 1 because it says it starts protecting you right away. I'm also due in 4 days.

Does it matter? My period is usually dead on-although this past cycle I was stupid and had to take the morning after pill twice in one month (hence me getting on birth control ASAP). Just wanted to update and ask that quick question, thanks!

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