amanda (bambiblake007) wrote in vaginapagina,

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Question.

Hey yall -- 

I've been hearing about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for a while now.

Background: 29yr old female. Diagnosed with Mental Illness when I was 17yrs old. I do suffer from anxiety, depression, panic attacks. I am diabetic (type 2; diagnosed in my mid 20s). I have high blood pressure (diagnosed in my early 20s). I am introverted. Insomniac (like I can't sleep at nite mostly but I can sleep during the day so Idk if that is actualfax insomnia or something else). I have suffered from migraines since my teens -- doing a lot better now, not had a serious one since my early 20s. I hurt in my lower back, shoulders, neck a lot; suffer from tendinitis (esp when I've been writing/typing a great deal for 6mons+).

I was just wondering if I could have CFS. I've told my PCP on numerous occasions that I feel tired and no matter wat i do -- sleep regularly, eat good, take my meds right, excercise, etc -- I still feel tired. He always tells me it's just my diabetes. I dont check it like i should, I kno I kno. But I do take my meds right && I feel fine otherwise the sluggish, tiredness. But I've been feeling this way for yrs!! It seems to get worse when the weather is bad. 

I've read sum of the info on CFS and most of it does sound familiar to me but Idk how to go about asking my PCP to look into the symptoms. I thought about mentioning it to my Gyno since he is more likely to listen to my symptoms && concerns than my PCP is. I'm just frustrated bc my husband doesnt understand why I have to sleep all the time && my mom says I need to take a Vitamin. 

Any advice?? Thnx.
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