queen of the superficial (chase_glasslace) wrote in vaginapagina,
queen of the superficial

Recommendations for first time Brazilian wax in Sydney.

Hey there, superstars! 

OK, here's the deal. I'm going to sunny Thailand for a beach vacation in two weeks and want to fix the shambles going on in my bikini region before then. After much mental grimacing about the pain and potential awkwardness, I'm biting the bullet and going full Brazilian for the first time. 

Problem is, I have no idea where to go, and no one to ask for recommendations except all of you. 

I live in Sydney, would prefer a salon somewhere on the North Shore, but I have a car so feel free to suggest salons in other areas if they're amazing. Aside from the obvious (hygienic, professional, good technique), I'm looking for someone who is good at putting newcomers at their ease, and who does both front and back. Ideally, my maximum price would be ~$50, so the top salons are likely not an option. 

Follow-up question: I keep reading that it's good form to tip your waxer, but all the articles with that advice appear to be American. Is tipping waxers a common thing in Australia too? 

Recommendations would be hugely appreciated! Thanks everyone!

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