shayla (shaylagirl) wrote in vaginapagina,

IUD Removal Questions

In the upcoming months, I am planning on having my Mirena removed so we can attempt getting pregnant. That part doesn't stress me overly much, however, I have some questions on having my IUD removed.

When I had it put in, I'd read all of the reviews that said those who'd had it done "..went to work the same day!" and "..had minimal cramping!" and all of those things. I, however, scheduled the day off and had the entire weekend off to recover, thank goodness, because I had some intense cramping that hurt.

So, for anyone who has had theirs removed, was there any pain associated? Should I plan some time off the day of and a few days after to recover? Anything I should be aware of or forewarned about that I can't anticipate? I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Just trying to get all of my ducks in a row once we're ready to get started.

**EDIT: I've tried adding the iuds tag, but I'm unable to add and keep getting an error message!!**

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