Mega awesome (meganmila) wrote in vaginapagina,
Mega awesome

The HSV..

So, I think I remember that I did get cold sores as a kid and I had this weird looking thing on the corner of my mouth about three years ago..I don't know if it was a cold sore. All I know that it looked disgusting and when I did pick at it ( Yes I know not supposed to) liquid came out. But I don't remember getting a burning sensation while it came, I did have tingling with it though. I think it lasted for a couple of weeks. The feeling of it wasn't that bad it was just really annoying and not pretty. Now...looking back I think it was a cold sore but not so sure. Now saying that and assuming I already have HSV 1 just from me saying all that could I still possibly get HSV-2? For an example A guy goes down on me and seeing nothing on his mouth ( I know that he can still shed without anything) would it still be possible to get HSV-2? I have a check up appointment for an abnormal pap I had on the 16th ( On my birthday..yay. Ugh!) and I'm thinking about asking them for STD testing and asking for an HSV test. Now I don't know if that would cost extra. But I'll just ask anyways. Knowing me and my thinking I will be afraid of them not providing one and then I'll have to look elsewhere. I do my yearly in May and they ask for a testing sometimes during that time but just thinking about doing it early.

With all that said my questioning is, is it possible to have both HSV-1 and HSV-2 at the same time? I'm probably all assuming here..I just really think what I had about three years ago was a cold sore. I haven't had any sexual contact recently..last time was in the summer of just wondering about if you have no symptoms they will let you get a test anyways? I'm also wondering if they provide HSV testing at any gynecology center. Ahh so many questions..

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