Villagetheatre (villagetheatre) wrote in vaginapagina,

Vagina panic.

Hey everyone - So two weeks ago I had my annual pap smear. Between the holidays and new year, my doctor just got my results back today and he called and left a message. I was at my first day at a new job, so I didn't listen to the message until after I got out of work and my doctor's office had closed. I listened to it and he said, "Hello, Allison, it's Dr. Whatever. I have some test results for you. Please give me a call back," and his number.

He sounded totally non-urgent and relaxed. I had my HIV test a few weeks before at my physical and it was negative, so I'm pretty sure he wouldn't do ANOTHER HIV test for the hell of it that would come back positive. (Right?) I'm assuming it's about my HPV. I had it once when I was 18, and then it went away for a while, and then last winter it was back.

So I'm thinking it's about that - but why wouldn't he just leave in the message that it's still there, etc? OR it could be that it's turned into cancer.

Would he have tried calling me back multiple times if it were more serious or telling me that it was urgent that I call him if it were something serious? Has anyone else ever gotten a message of this nature and had it been nothing? I'm trying not to freak out, but it's tough right now! Thank you in advance!

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