a few prawns short of a galaxy (glitterberrys) wrote in vaginapagina,
a few prawns short of a galaxy

Cervical cancer questions

Yup, me again. Since January is cervical cancer awareness month and all, it seems like a good time to ask for resources on the subject.

I've been trying to find information on how fast it tends to grow and what the symptoms are, but it seems to be all over the place. I'm worried because 7 months ago I had an abnormal pap and tested HPV positive. My biopsy came back normal, so the nurse said come back in six months for another pap. (Yeah, should've done that over a month ago. I plan on getting on that as soon as I stop bleeding.) I was back at my doctor's a couple more times between now and then for other things, and once I went in for abnormal excessive discharge. He said it was probably BV even though the test didn't really show it (apparently it had some bacteria but not the amount he would expect for BV symptoms to be present? ) and I tried a couple of antibiotics which didn't help at all. I gave up and figured I'd run it by him again at my next appointment because he seemed at a loss and, really, of all the crazy stuff I had going on, that didn't seem like a huge concern.

But now I'm reading that abnormal, bad-smelling discharge is a sign of cervical cancer, and I'm getting nervous. My one-regular periods have been all over the place (going from very short and heavy to late and over a week long back to what I'm in the middle of just now, two days of heavy bleeding nearly a week early, followed by nearly nothing), and I've had mild off and on pelvic pain (I have an ovarian cyst - as usual; my body just doesn't seem to feel complete without one, so I figured it was that) for I don't know how long. Abnormal bleeding and pain, also symptoms.

How worried should I be at this point? I'm pretty freaked out. I do plan on getting that pap I should've had done a month back as soon as I stop this period (even though it mostly has stopped, my periods have been known to stop and start, so I'm giving it a couple of days to make up its mind), but can I have gone from abnormal cells and HPV but negative biopsy to cancer in seven months? Or should I really just stop reading those forwarded emails from well-meaning people spreading awareness?

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