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the exact function of hormones + first period on hbc


i've just started my second pack of hbc and noticed that, like when i went on it last month, i have lots of weird little food cravings for the first week or so. i've heard people say that hbc tricks your body into thinking it's pregnant with the elevated levels of hormones, while i've always thought that it just mimics the post-ovulatory phase so that your body thinks it already ovulated and just doesn't need to again. is either one of these more correct than the other? also, during my first placebo week, i noticed there was a lot more tissue and viscera (the only way i can think to describe it) than my normal periods, and the cramps were actually a bit worse at first than they generally are. it wasn't as heavy as my regular period, but it was still quite bit and lasted almost 5 days, again, like a normal period for me. is that from my body needing time to get situated with the hbc or possibly something different?

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