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Superstars! Thanks for all of your help on my last issue...now, onto the next! Here's a timeline to help...

12/19: Wisdom teeth removed, began Amoxicillin
12/24: Began to feel yeast infection symptoms (dryness, itching)
12/26: Called OBGYN, got phone order for Diflucan, took it at 2 pm, took my last dose of Amoxicillin at 5 pm.
12/27: Symptoms not clear, and had some white discharge
12/28: Symptoms better, no white discharge, just dryness and itching
Today: Still itchy and dry. No white discharge.

Could I have screwed up by taking my last dose of antibiotics after my Diflucan? I can't afford a doctor's visit right now...and I don't think they'd prescribe Diflucan again because 1) obviously it isn't working wit this yeast infection and 2) I've been on painkillers, and I know Diflucan can effect your liver...they sometimes get worried about over-doing it.

I don't know what to do. Get Monistat? Fork over the money to see a doctor on Monday, if they're open? I'm so broke and so nervous and I don't know what to do. Will this just go away if I wait it out? I used to get YI often, but this is my second in an entire year, which is better than before.

Also, I'd be willing to try the whole "shove a garlic clove up your hoo-ha" thing, but does it work/will I smell horrible for weeks? Any easier at-home remedies?

Finally, am I just being impatient? It's been 5 days and it's definitely gotten BETTER. Maybe I'm just being paranoid?


EDIT! More discharge today, but less itching. Wondering if it's on it's way out...I should also mention I went to kickboxing class the day after I took the Diflucan, and it was very, very moist down there from the class...wondering if that made it worse...
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