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Late period is stressing me out, what could it be?

Hi everyone,

I hate to do this, but I need some counseling because I cannot stop stressing out over my cycle right now... I'll try to be as detailed as possible, so not only is this going to be a long post, but there may be triggering topics as well, so I'm going to use a cut.

Last month, I had sex for the first time in 5-6 months, briefly unprotected for a few minutes before I made him stop and put on a condom. I'm, well, pretty positive that he didn't ejaculate beforehand or inside of me, but I'm well aware (way too aware) of the possibility of sperm in pre-ejaculate.

Since I track my cycle with an app, here's a rundown of the last few cycles that I had--the days I started my period, and the days the app says I should have ovulated:
Period August 30th, ovulation August 11th-13th
Period September 27th, ovulation October 7th-9th
Period October 23rd, ovulation November 4th-6th
Period November 20th, ovulation December 2nd-4th
And lastly, we had sex on November 16th.
So, except for my cycle starting in September to October, which was 26 days, the last few have been an old-fashioned 28 days. Here's the thing--my period, which, going by how my period has been fairly regular, should have come on or around the 18th, is now almost two weeks late. Even when my period is late, it's typically only by a few days--as far as I can recall, I haven't skipped or been more than a few days late in years.

I had what I figured to be PMS the week before I should have started. Some light cramping, lower back pain, and swollen breasts. Well, period never came, obviously, so I waited until 5 days late and took a pregnancy test, negative. Took one the next day after a nap, negative. Took one on my 7th day late with FMU, negative. I took one today, 10 days late, and negative again. I checked my discharge before I tested today as well--vaginal canal's mostly dry, having slight spotting that I only saw when I wiped my finger on some toilet paper. And I'm having these dull cramps, like these slight twinges of pressure right above my pubic bone.

Granted... I've got every reason for my period to be late. I've been incredibly mentally, physically, and emotionally stressed for the last 3 months over basically every aspect of my life--I changed positions at work in October, which not only stressed me out to the point that I was suicidal on a near-daily basis, but also changed my sleeping schedule since I went from working at 9 or 10am, to between 4 and 6am--some days I'd get an hour of sleep and then come home and sleep all day until I had to get up for work the next morning, and on my days off I'd sometimes sleep for... like... over 20 hours. I've been drinking caffeine and smoking more than I ever have in my life. A coworker who I adored passed away in the second week of December. And a pretty drastic weather change over the last month to boot. Now, a missing period. But honestly, I'm stressed out almost all of the time, and my period is never this late.

So, could this really just be a longer cycle? Is there any chance I could be pregnant with 4 negative HPTs, all taken a month after sex without ejaculation, (presumably) two weeks after ovulation, and way past the day I should have menstruated? Is having one incredibly late period a year a commonplace occurrence? My body is usually so predictable and I absolutely hate not knowing what's going on with it.
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