sprintz123 (sprintz123) wrote in vaginapagina,

Switch from NuvaRing to Pill?

My NuvaRing has been driving me insane so I made an appointment with a general Urgent Care Dr in the area begging for her to write me a rx for a BC pill til I could see my GYN since I was so miserable on the ring (discomfort/positioning aggitation). She did.

Now my question is how do I switch from the ring to pill and be protected? I've looked it up online and have found conflicting answers- some saying to wait until after your period comes and start the pill the day you would insert your ring while others say start the pill the day you take out the ring. What would be best? It was just a general GP so she didn't offer much advice except to make sure I wasn't taking the pill while the ring was still in me.
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