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Preventing Bacterial Vaginosis

I used VH Essentials BV treatment around the beginning of this month and it seemed to make things worse. After I finished the treatment I had tissue-y flesh like discharge and I was itchier than ever. I think it caused a yeast infection. Mid way through the treatment things weren't getting better so I decided to buy some boric acid.

A few days after the VH Essentials I started the boric acid suppositories. I used them for 2 weeks. 2 the first night and 1 per night after that. 3 days in I notice things getting better. By 7 days no symptoms at all. I decided to keep using them though. I really wanted the BV gone. The day after my last dose my period started. Blood changes the pH balance so I decided to take one when my flow tapers down and that's today. I'm undecided if I should take another tomorrow night just for safe measure.

But my questions are.. Should I always insert one after my period ends? Also, I've read that women liked to use boric acid suppositories after sex but they didn't state whether or not this was a long term thing or just in the first couple months after the BV is treated. I'm thinking it could be used as prevention for the first couple months but not any longer. What if you have sex frequently? I don't think it would be a good idea to use it often. Any input would be much appreciated. =] What tips do you have for preventing BV??

P.S. I've been taking Fem-Dophilus and acidophilus supplements along with the treatment. I'm wondering if I can get away with just the acidophilus supplements since Fem-Dophilus is a little expensive and I don't think it's sold locally.
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