Brigitte Fires (brigittefires) wrote in vaginapagina,
Brigitte Fires

effect of banana on yeast infection?

My scalp got so dry and itchy that I had to do something. Since I'm in the midwest, that would have meant going out in the snow. Not happening. I was able to mash up a banana and mix it with apple cider vinegar for a hair mask. But now there's half of the bowl left, and I'm trying to figure out what to do with it.

Considering some of it as a face scrub with some oatmeal. But will the banana have too much sugar in it to treat the external yeast infection I've got going on in my thigh pits and under-breast area? Or will the banana just moisturize the dry skin and the vinegar treat the yeasty smell?

ETA: So I tried it on my face with no oatmeal because there wasn't much left, and also under my boobs, but not any closer to my vag, just to see what would happen. My face felt suuuuper tight last night right after my shower, but today it feels great! And also, NO BOOB CHEESE! I didn't even leave it to sit on my skin very long, just kind of scrubbed it on and rinsed it off. But that was almost 12 hours ago, and all the redness and dry skin in my cleavage is just GONE. So, maybe it was just how much vinegar I had in the mix, but it seems to have worked.
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