sprintz123 (sprintz123) wrote in vaginapagina,

Nuvaring Effectiveness Question

I'm on my first month of Nuvaring and absolutely hate it.

I can feel it. I've tried inserting it in every single position possible with and without a tampon applicator. I've even gotten the tampon applicator stuck inside of me trying to push it up to get it in (extremely painful to get out BTW).
I'll go for a few hours without feeling it (upper part is hooked around the cervix and lower part tucked behind the pubic bone) before it slides down. Sometimes it'll stick out of me a tiny bit- not much, literally just a small part of it pokes out the edge. But nonetheless it'll stick out. Sometimes (such as if I'm at work and can't get on a short break) it'll stay like that for an hour or two before I can shove it up again.

Is this ruining the effectiveness of the ring? I'm using it so I don't get pregnant... while we're careful (condoms every time and never finishes in me even with the condom on). I can't go to my normal Dr for another few weeks (but have rings to last me in the meantime).

Is the ring still effective? All other times its left inside of me- including sex and any foreplay. Its just when it decides to come down a little or stick out a bit. I don't know if its being fully effective or not!
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