cinemaaa (cinemaaa) wrote in vaginapagina,


I think I win an award for the being the slowest person to catch onto things.

I think I have a teeny tiny wart on the palm of my right hand. Been here for like MONTHS and only today did I stop to wonder what that bump could be. Oh god. It is just a bump in my skin and looks kinda wart-like despite not being a cauliflower. Doesn't bug me one bit. I don't mind it.

I just realized -- can you spread these things to your own genitals? Google is giving me mixed answers. Are handjobs OK to my (male) partner? Because I have given him handjobs several times since I've had this, and yes, with this hand. Shrug! Masturbation? WHAT DOES ONE DO WITH WARTS!

I don't want to remove it. I'm OK with its evil virus germs camping out in my cells.
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