kalalou (kalalou) wrote in vaginapagina,

Deciding on the extent of laser hair removal - your experiences?

This is a bit of a weird question, and not one I was expecting to have to ask!

Today I had my first session of laser hair removal. Didn't hurt too much. Though I'm having a full Brazilian done (all hair on labia and around the anus, as well as the 'wings') I decided to leave a triangle at the front. But when the clinician asked what she should do above where my labia majora meet at the top I didn't know what to say! She ended up doing a kind of quadrilateral shape with a 1cm side at the bottom and a 4cm side at the top, and lasering off about 1cm above where the labia meet.

Have any of you superstars had this done? Have you left a triangle with a point ending where your labia meet?
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