justagimmick (justagimmick) wrote in vaginapagina,

new mirena...some questions

Hi all!

I have my mirena insertion on Thursday, despite my GP constantly asking me if I was sure and saying because I haven't had children she didn't think she could do it...ANYWAY. She has made me paranoid about perforation and 'losing' the strings. How likely are these things?

I've also been told not to have sex for another month in case of 'infection'. My SO and I have not had sex since the end of August now (because of birth control issues, then my GP saying no sex [not even with condoms] or she wouldn't put in the mirena) and I am getting frustrated. Is this bullshit or should I just wait the month? I am having weird sex dreams and it is not helping!

Additionally, did anyone else experience excruciatingly painful nipples? I can barely wear a bra right now and I am not small breasted =[

Thanks lovelies.
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