Tina (udntknomeson) wrote in vaginapagina,

am i pregnant post

sorry! i know everybody hates these, but im having a scare.i had protected sex on the 1st, but when my partner was about to cum, he pulled out, took the condom off, and erm, finished on my behind. afterwards [sorry graphic] he fingered me and i don't know if some got inside me or what. so i got my period on the 5th. it was not light in the least. it lasted five days as usual, seemingly normal. the reason i'm concerned about pregnancy is because my boobs/nipples have been sore since my period ended! and that never happens to me! i took a hpt last friday night (maybe too early?) and it was negative, but im still worried. the only reason i can think for my breasts to be sore is because i weaned my son, but that was almost four months ago! and i did so very gradually so i didnt really experience much soreness at all. somebody tell me this is all in my head pls!
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