1989sofine (1989sofine) wrote in vaginapagina,

Started period early on HBC

Hey everyone just wanted to seek out advice. I am on day 19 of my active pills with two more active pills to go when low and behold I get bad cramps during the night and begin my period. I'm only on my second pack of pills so I know this can be common but I was really hoping to start my period during the placebo week as my boyfriend gets home from a trip tomorrow! Now that I am on my period, what is the course of action to take- do I finish my active pills and move onto my placebos? I'd like to very much shorten the course of my period this time as I planned to have a lot of downtime with my boyfriend up to New Years. I was actually planning on stacking my pills this cycle to avoid a period all together but clearly that didn't happen. Basically how many placebo pills should I take considering I'm already on my period with two active pills to go?

Thanks so much and happy holidays!
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