someday we'll be nostalgic for disaster ♥ (loaded____gun) wrote in vaginapagina,
someday we'll be nostalgic for disaster ♥

Period lasting 18 days and counting?

Slightly concerned now. I've been on micronor for over a year, since I had my daughter. I track my periods, and they're always regular and nornally last between 4-5days. However this month seems to be different, I haven't stopped bleeding yet. And it's not just normal spotting, it's full on bright red blood that's heavy. I've done nothing different with my pill, haven't missed one or taken one late. I'm baffled! I went to family planning in the week and she just fobbed me off, saying if I had been ill ie flu Luke symptoms, which I have then that can cause it, but it's never affected it before.

I'm really starting to worry now, as it really isn't the norm for me. Just after some advice or if anyone's been through the same at all?

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