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Hello all!

I've been doing physical therapy for my chronic urinary discomfort/frequent UTIs. I'm three sessions in and we've been trying lots of different types of therapies. During my past visit, she noticed that my vulva was a bit red and irritated looking and she thought that maybe my urinary discomfort might be relieved (or at least supported) if I treat the surrounding skin. She suggested|13287607&CPNG=Health+Beauty&kpid=13287607&LID=PA&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=13287607 as a skin barrier to let it heal. She said it's highly recommended by dermatologists and gynecologists alike, but the ingredients concern me a bit. Glycerin is the second to last ingredient (of only 7), and putting glycerin on my vulva makes me nervous, as I have lots of sensitivities. Am I wrong? If it's just externally in my clitoral/urethral area, is it less of a yeast hazard?

Thanks for your input.
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