Goat Friends (frolicnaked) wrote in vaginapagina,
Goat Friends

[Anonymous Post]: On Warts

Hi all! As you may know, there are times when the VP maintainer team will post on behalf of someone who wishes to remain anonymous. This is one of those times and one of those posts.

Please help out if you can, and then continue being awesome. ;)

For the VP Team


I am livejournal subscriber and had communicated with the community regarding some health issues.
I am going through a lot of physical and mostly emotional pain the moment I was diagnosed to have
genital warts. My OBGYN suggestion is to undergo excision and cauterization, I understand there
is no cure, but is there an alternative way other than what I mentioned? My OBGYN didnt gave
me much advise, just recommendedto undergo surgery. For itchiness, she just said i can take pain reliever.
I expect more compassion and information how to treat and face this problem, but after my visit with my
OBGYN, i feel more ashamed, dirty and sad...I am from the Philippines and wanted to check if there are
alternative ways before going to surgery.

I am confused, please help. Thank you.
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