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Resources for Safe BDSM intro?

I believe this is on topic, because it's sex related, and I am a vagina-bodied person. ;) I scoured the links and couldn't find anything on this. :[ I've recently started seeing a new guy, and he mentioned that he's interested in bondage. He's not very experienced on the whole, and I am not experienced with bondage at all, but I am educated enough about sex to know that one shouldn't tie someone up using ties or scarves or cheap handcuffs that most beginners normally use--the fabric makes it easy for the knots to pull really tight and be difficult to remove, small surface area exerting a lot of pressure on nerves and joints, you could damage your wrists, etc. So, I know all that. But what I don't know, is how to start experimenting with this stuff safely. I need a total beginner's guide. I would love to try this stuff out with him, but I'm at a total loss (and I don't trust his experience level that much to leave it all up to him :P ). Does anyone know any good resources? And would it be out of line or off topic to suggest adding a link to, like, Safe BDSM 101 to the VP link page? :) I know a lot of people are interested in trying this stuff out but aren't even aware of some basic safety measures to take.
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