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Pain during sex - 6 months post partum

Hello Superstars!!
I had my first baby 6 months ago. Ever since sex has been really painful for me. It's worst during initial penetration. The pain is there during the entire time but either it just gets manageable or the pleasure overrides the pain. It feels really tight and burns. I never had any tearing just what the doctor described as "road rash". My hubby says he can feel the tightness and heat too.

We've tried lots of lube and I've been pretty relaxed/turned on.

I just came from the doctor today and she said its because I'm breastfeeding. She says my estrogen is at an all time low (pre menopausal state) and things are just extra dry right now. She prescribed a topical estrogen cream to be applied twice a week.

Has anyone experienced this? I wasn't expecting to get a prescription for estrogen. If anything I thought YI, BV or even UTI.

When I need to pee it feels different now then it did before my dd was born. I get the same odd feeling when I tighten my pelvic floor muscles. It's not pain or burning its just a weird "tinge" or "tingle".

Thanks!!! It's hard to describe these feelings so thanks for any help at all.

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