Kalin (starpiste) wrote in vaginapagina,

craving pregnancy but not babies...

I keep going back and forth on positing this but I don't have any other people to really bring this too.

I'm a cis-female who is 30 and single. Over the last few months, and occasionally over the last 2 years, I have a huge desire to be pregnant. I want the feelings of the actually pregnancy and labour. I am pretty disinterested in the actual baby part. My life is such that I am not in a position to support a child financially or emotionally, and I am on the fence if I want children ever. I am worried that I will never have the chance to be pregnant and this is pretty upsetting.

I have looked into surrogacy but due to mental health issues this isn't really an option unless it was privately done. I am going to be talking to my NP about info on my potential fertility and see if that eases some of the pressure I feel.

ok, so questions. Is things pregnancy-but-no-baby thinking shared by anyone? Should I indulge in reading and watching stuff about pregnancy or avoid it?
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