kitkatcat (kitkatcat) wrote in vaginapagina,

Perineal Irritation and Lesion

Hey all! Be prepared for possible TMI... I know we're all ladies here but just in case...

So after much (probably not healthy) Googling and searching for a solution or cause to this problem, I have decided to start my own thread on this issue.

For about two years of my life I have been plagued by a reoccuring issue involving perineal irritation which occasionally leads to tearing or cuts.

These bouts usually occur when I have had GI problems like diarhea, had excessive sweating, my period, or had a yeast infection.

Basically what happens is I will notice pain and sensitivity on my perineum after a feeling of itchiness. Eventually I will notice blood on the toilet paper after a bowel movement, and upon examination I will ocassionally see an open sore or cut.

The last time it occured (two days ago) I decided to apply barrier cream for the prevention of diaper rash... and what do you know! 100% better, cant even find the sore.

I have several theories: I have psoriasis, it could be that. I get yeast infections and over growths often (at one point virtually my entire body was infected). It could be irritation from bowel movements, or even a type of "diaper rash" from pads. The paranoid part of me says "herpes" but it doesn't puss or crust over when it heals. There are no clustered lesions.

Has anyone had this problem and have you been diagnosed with anything?

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