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Is this all in my head... or am I missing something?

Alrighty this might be slightly long, and for this I am sorry.
So a few years ago I was in a committed relationship where I was on birth control had no issues except I got my first UTI and my second UTI in that relationship. It ended badly and I didn't start seeing anyone for 9 months (which was this past march) Not having sex in a while, I was worried about getting a UTI again which has been the way of my vagina. No matter if I urinate right after, or what not. It's weird. Okay. So I have sex with this new guy, no condom. Idoit move. I did get an uti, but I also felt different. When I went to the doctor they agreed that I had a yeast infection. I was on antibiotics for 10 days, and on a 7 day Monistat pack. It went away for a bit, but then came back a bit worse, and again. Every time I get my cultures taken they test for sti's and none of them ever came up positive. *Note I had never had a yeast infection before in my life and I was on beyaz birth control* Okay so it was okay for a while, but I never felt "normal" I went in and then they told me I had a bacterial infection and got treated for that and I was "as good as new" The whole summer went by and I never felt completely right. Over the summer though, about 90-100 days after the sex I got tested for ALL std's and everything was neg. I went for my yearly in September and it hurt so bad, the doctor could barely open me up. She said I had a wild infection going on that I had no clue was there. I was put on antibiotics and an antifungal. She checked for std's AGAIN and did the normal cultures. Nothing. But the infection went away. I was fine for a bit, felt as normal as I have so far. My doctor told me to start using soap again because she didn't like that I was just using water to clean, so I got dove sensitive skin unscented with moisturizer. I used the SMALLEST amount possible. Within 12 hours I was itchy as hell, so I waited a few days to see if it would go away before using OTC medicine. (I switched off beyaz after my yearly check-up and into apri, then my insurance gave me a different generic then I stopped birth control all together thinking that could be what was causing all of this) It kind of went away, and I waited about a month and a half before going back to the doctor. I got cultures and she told me I am normal. I had sex (unprotected again I'm stupid right?) with the same guy. Immediately after I was irritated. He was rubbing me a lot, and it was sore. I figured he just rubbed too much. Except it didn't go away. I was red and irritated and sore. I went back to the gyno and she told me if anything it's a mild yeast infection and gave me a 3 day antifungal kit. (She seems to think I'm nuts at this point) and did more cultures. NOTHING CAME UP /AGAIN/. The 3 day cream was working for the outside too but after I finished it came back irritated again. I called my doctor and she told me to use a otc antifungal on the outside, dry well, sleep with no undies on blahblah. Now here I am.
My external girlie parts are very dry. Rough to the touch. I'm too nervous to touch myself in fear to make everything worse. And this has been the case for months so you can see my frustration. At first I thought it was him, which I'm pretty sure it's my body. But I don't know what. I've examined myself MANY times, and nothing. Mild redness and just irritation. I'm using a 7 day cream externally twice a day, my doctor said that's okay to do.

So my question is, do you think this is only a yeast infection that I just can't kick? Or maybe could it be mental? I am at a total loss. My doctor really seems annoyed when I go in so much for things like this, and it's just frustrating me. I feel like I can't do anything, and that I'll never be normal again (which I most likely will I'm just nuts) MY anxiety has been really high. I've been freaking out about everything, and the Internet is not helpful because I search and freak that I might have a disease and then have to calm myself down. I've looked up every std, nothing matches. It's more of an annoyance at this point, but I'm worried to have sex or masturbate or anything.
When I masturbate I wash my hands before with hot water and very mild soap, using a lot of water to get any residue out. I wipe front to back always. i've been drinking a lot of water. I take 2 cranberry pills a day and two acidophilus pills a day. I am over weight, which my doctor thinks has something to do with it, and i wear leggings a lot. When I get home it's right into my loose pj pants. I'm not really one to not wear undies, so that's a bit hard for me.
I used to shave down there, but now i haven’t been. Before I had sex two weeks ago though I did shave but only my bikini line.

Can anyone tell me if it's possibly all in my head, or have any of you had anything like this?
Thank you so much!
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